Each of your favorite items comes with a story. 5TAGS takes it to a good end.

5TAGS links your valuables to unique IDs. If your item gets lost, finders can easily contact you using our portal. With 5TAGS, lost items come back to you - simple and reliable.

And the best thing is: no running charges and no contractual commitment.


How 5TAGS works? Simple.

How 5TAGS works? Simple.

 1   Mark an item
Attach Tag ID to key ring, mobile phone backpack or any other item
Mark an item
 2   Register Tag ID
Visit 5TAGS.de // Activate Tag ID
Register Tag ID
 3   Notification in case of loss
Item is found - info is sent immediatley to the owner via SMS + e-mail
Notification in case of loss
 4   Item comes back
Exchange reward for found item
Item comes back

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» I was lucky as I lost my key ring: a Tag ID from 5TAGS was attached. The finder was nice and I got back my keys very easily. «

Susann from Hamburg

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» I use the Tag IDs for my keys, mobile phone and my bag. So far, I didn't lose anything. But it gives me a good feeling to have it protected with 5TAGS. «

Moritz from Kiel

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» Right, I don't know for sure if a finder will return my stuff.However, 5TAGS makes it more likely to happen. I believe that most of the people really want to return lost items. «

Imke from Hamburg

5TAGS Products

5TAGS Products

Labels / Sticker
Labels / Sticker
Key Holder
Key Holder
Fabric Label
Fabric Label
» People are different: some never lose anything while others drop their stuff all the time. For those who do: just play it safe. 5TAGS is here. «
- Nils Homburg, founding member of 5TAGS

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